Hooters and Scooters Run
Boy did I have fun!
200 plus miles on a Sunday with the crazy guys and gals from Will County ABATE in Joliet...and what a great idea for a run. In spite of spending a great deal of time in the shade of several of the finest Hooters in Northern Illinois. I still got a nice tan and the great hair to prove I had good time!
Ural produced 70 mile per hair... and Great new goggles from Murphy's Leather in Glendale Heights pretty spiffy huh?










Ray Heck in Riding in the car...I am always hauling some degenerate or another around... Ray blew a tire about 400 years for the Harwood VFW so I hauled him the whole run! We both had a great time. I will miss run a lot, I had perfect attendance until 2008...(sniff...) I had to haul Chris Platt around one year, to toalled his bike the week before...thank goodness no one took pictures of that!



Eddie and I on our last ride in the Ural right before we sold it in Chicago
Eddie was my usual rider and he enjoyed it a lot.

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